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Needexperts – Your Wage Portage Partner in France”

Discovering Wage portage with Needexperts

Wage portage is a partnership between a business customer, an expert consultant and an umbrella company. Are you looking for expert consultants to assist you in your projects?

Why Needexperts ?

Need to hire remote employees?
Expand your business in France without creating a subsidiary?
Wish to hire someone in France but don’t have a structure? Looking for a simple and legal solution?

With Needexperts as EOR “Employer of Record” – Wage portage company, you can start your activity in France quickly without having to create a local structure, and without worrying about the administrative formalities related to the hiring of resources.
For over 10 years, Needexperts has been offering a personalized assistance to businesses,  all over the French territory.

What do we do ?

Needexperts takes total management of employee(s) hiring process.
We take full responsibility for the employment contract:

Onboarding of the employee

  • Drafting and signing of the Portage Agreement
  • Drafting and signing of the employment contract
  • Declaration of employment with the tax and social security authorities, medical examination

We handle all legal compliance documents in addition to payroll processing, we handle social benefit administration and employment contracts:

  • Social and fiscal declarations, payment of the contributions (National Health Service, old-age pension, retreat, welfare,…)
  • Payment of salaries, establishment of pay slips
  • Invoicing and reimbursement of expenses incurred by the employee
  • Recruitment assistance: Take advantage of our local presence, we can provide you with selection and recruitment support through our network of partners and consultants

You only have to pay one invoice each month, we take care of the rest, so you can focus on the assignment with the employee.

Advantages for the employee:

He/She is an employee of a French legal entity, who thereby contributes to all mandatory funds (health insurance, retirement, supplementary retirement, unemployment insurance, mutual insurance).

Each month, the employee receives the agreed salary, receives his pay slip as in a “normal” company.

In case of termination of the mission, he/she will be entitled to unemployment benefits. This is not the case for an independent contractor.

Relationship and advice.

The employee is not alone, we provide all the close support that may be needed in social, legal and fiscal fields.

is the legal employer of the worker.

The original 'employer' (you) maintains the employment relationship in substance and makes all decisions regarding remuneration, duties, projects and dismissal.

About wage portage / EOR

To employ someone in France, a French or European national, you must have a legal entity or a representative in France.

You do not have a structure and you wish to hire someone in France?
The solution is to use Needexperts , an EOR or wage portage company.
The “Employer of Record” (EOR), or Wage Portage company is mandated to assume responsibility for all tasks related to the employment of the person you wish to have work for you.
An EOR is the solution for companies that choose not to directly hire a worker on assignment in France (in another country).

The legal framework of Wage Portage:

EOR / Wage Portage in France is totally regulated by law :

  • Only a registered company with a unique EOR / Wage portage activity can provide this service.
  • The company must also have subscribed a financial guarantee for the benefit of the employees.

These conditions are very important because unemployment benefits may be denied to any employee of a Portage company that does not respect the regulations.

Needexperts works in compliance with the law and relieves you of any legal or social risk.

How wage portage Works


All you need to know about NEEDEXPERTS PEO EOR services in France

What is the difference between an EOR, PEO, Umbrella company in France ?

PEO Professional Employer Organization
A PEO, or “Professional Employer Organization”, manages your administrative services such as payroll, recruiting, benefits, etc.
It’s a bit like having your on-site HR department in a foreign country.
In France, a PEO is not able to hire employees.

EOR ‘Employer of record
The EOR ‘Employer of record’ is a company to which you turn to recruit talent because you do not have a legal entity in France. The EOR is the legal employer of the person who will work for you. The EOR takes care of all the administrative procedures, and hires the person you want.

Umbrella Company
Umbrella companies provide a payroll service. This service includes the management of salaries, timesheets and invoices. The company is also in charge of paying the salaries.

Wage Portage
In France, Umbrella companies and EOR are merged concepts, we talk here about Wage Portage.

Wage portage in France allows independent consultants to benefit the advantages of employee status while remaining autonomous in their activities.

The consultant concerned signs a contract with an umbrella company. Fees are converted into a wage. The consultant then enjoys his or her paycheck. In other words, wage portage consists of several steps :

  • The independent consultant signs a contract with a wage portage company.
  • The independent consultant is then an independent contractor.
  • The independent contractor searches for his or her clients.
  • The clients pay the invoice to the umbrella company.
  • The company pays a monthly wage to the independent consultant.

It is important to stress that only a certified company can hire employees with this wage portage status. This constraint makes wage portage safer.

How long does it take to start off with a new employee ?

It can be very quick, if you have already negotiated the salary and defined in detail the job description with the future employee; all that then remains is to formalize these agreements on a service contract.
When the service contract is signed, the employee can be declared a Wagram employee.

What are the conditions to work in France ?

To work in France, the worker must be French or from the EEC and must be resident in France.
We can employ for you people who can work anywhere in the world. They must be French residents and EEC nationals.

What type of contract can we offer ?

The contract may take the form of a fixed-term contract (CDD in France) or an open-ended contract (CDI). The contracts are the same as for standard employees. Freelance contractors enjoy a specific framework. All these elements are included in the collective labour agreement on wage portage dated 22 March 2017.
As an example, the independent contractors are completely free to define the commercial prospection strategy (Article 2), their schedule (Article 26), their business volume (Article 27) and their workplace (Article 23).
A portage contract ensures an efficient mix between entrepreneurship freedom and the safety of working as an employee

What about insurances ?

Our employees are covered by our insurances:

  • our RCP Insurance covering the risks in civil and professional liability,
  • a financial guarantee of salaries with the AXA insurance company,
  • travel assistance and insurance for all travel in France and abroad.

What are the legal working hours in France ?

Monday to Friday 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, 35 hours a week.

What are the paid leaves in France ?

Employees are entitled to 30 open days (5 weeks) for a full year of work.

More informations ?

For advice, information or an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Needexperts.